Residential:  Multi-Family

Potomac Place Tower
Washington, DC

Client - Monument Realty LLC
Completion Date - 2011
Executed by - Nelson Architects


Designated a landmark by the District of Columbia Historic Preservation Review Board in 2003, Potomac Place Tower, formerly Capitol Park Apartments, was designed in the late 1950’s by noted Washington architect Cloethiel Woodward Smith.  Now owned by Potomac Place LLC, a subsidiary of Monument Realty LLC, this 9-story, 335,000 SF, 400-unit apartment building is undergoing a complete renovation as part of a conversion to condominiums.

Nelson Architects was hired by Monument Realty LLC to reconfigure and renovate all units and to upgrade the building’s life safety systems.  Design services also extend to creating new handicapped assessable units, updating the public corridors, renovations to the basement level, new entry signage and to restore the original building canopy.  The building, which has a footprint of approximately 35,700 SF, is comprised of a full basement, a ground floor with office, building amenities, retail space and parking and eight levels of residential above. 

Public Agency Review

  •  Historic Preservation Office (HPO)


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