226 Mass Ave

Washington, DC

Massachusetts Avenue Properties LLC

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Conference space that connects. Designed to not only be compatible with the neighboring buildings, this new conference space provides direct connection and flow with direct open access on each floor.

  • Project Details

    As part of the overall Master Plan for the area, this addition to 214 Mass creates a new conference facility with a large meeting on the first floor with additional conference areas above that match floor heights in the neighboring 214 Mass address. Taking inspiration from the surrounding area, the design incorporates matching materials of the existing building with new elements in an abstracted monumental language. The canopy and fins of the facade are curved in reference to the various curved elements one the three existing buildings and help to create a cohesive street view experience. The verticality of the facade design overcomes the restrictive height of the building when compared to the taller neighbors. The projecting elements also give the building a noticeable prominence along the block. This unique approach was communicated to the Historic Preservation Review Board and unanimously approved.

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