Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Monument Realty’s purpose for 2055 L Street was simple: To attract new office condo owners by updating the façade of the nondescript 1964 building that housed Verizon switch gear, and increasing space with the addition of an 8th floor. Nelson Architects’ response to the design challenge was to update the existing marble and greenstone façade by providing a new entrance canopy, reconfigure the corner of 21st and L Street for retail use, update the building lobby, and remove existing dark brown stone panels at street level and replace them with frosted glass and decorative metal storefront.

The design strategies for the new 8th floor and cornice included:

• Extending the vertical rhythm of the façade with the new curtain wall mullions.
• Introducing a walk-out terrace covered by a pergola.
• Connecting the existing and new by use of metal fins supporting the pergola.
• Reinforcing the presence of the greenstone by employing green spandrel panels.
• Repeating the pattern of the frosted glass at street level.
• Contrasting the metal color of the canopy, fins and pergola with that of the façade.

The result is that Monument sold all of the available office condos within months of the project completion.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014