Commercial & Residential
208, 214, 226 and 236 Mass. Ave NE,
Washington, DC
Massachusetts Avenue Properties LLC
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Complex consolidation. Providing expertise in designing and managing highly complex projects, we worked across four different buildings to create new residential, office and three level of below grade parking.
Project Details
Project Details
Located one block from the United States Capitol, this multi-phased project comprises one 7-story building that was converted from office to residential with retail on the lower two levels; one 8-story building with four floors to be converted from residential to office; one 8-story office building renovated at the basement fllor plate; a new 3-level below grade garage with six new single family rowhouses above; and a 3-story in-fill addition. This complicated master plan was unanimously approved by both HPRB and BZA, with strong community support.
Project Details
Being a good neighbor, preserving the historic flaair of the neighborhood was a key design parameter, and we worked to ensure that all aspects of the project communicated a property that would complement its location on an active cornor of Capitol Hill. As part of the master plan, this 6-story, 36,000 square-foot office building was fully renovated and returned to its original use as apartments. In addition to providing 30 apartments for intern and graduate fellows, the building will accommodate three new restaurants at the ground and lower floors. The historic facade was restored, with the addition of new glass-and-metal decorative canopies. The site was reconfigured to provide a welcoming entrance for the residents as well as outdoor seating terraces for the restaurants.
Project Details
As part of the overall Master Plan for the area, this addition to 214 Mass creates a large, double height meeting space that straddles both the addition and the existing 1st & 2nd floors and creates a double height TV studio space above that. The canopy and fins of the facade are curved in reference to elements on the three existing buildings, and help to create a cohesive street view experience. the facade extends beyond the top floor, screening a roof terrace. The verticality of the facade design overcomes the zoning restrictive height of the building when compared to the taller neighbors. The projecting elements also give the building a noticeable prominence along the black. This unique approach was communicated to the Historic Preservation Review Board and unanimously approved.
Project Details
In phase one of this multi-phased project, this fully occuoied 8-story office building had its basement columns and footings lowered, all while adjacent buildings were underpinned for the excavation of a 3-level below grade garage. Phase one also included the construction of a finished basement that connects to the garage, and a first-floor renovation to construct a team lounge and meeting room. A terrace area extending from the team lounge was added to the roof of the parking structure. The remainder of the garage roof area has six single-family townhouse, each with rear yards on the garage roof as well as privete garages on the first level of the parking structure. Phase two will include the removal of structual columns at the first and second floors, removal of a portion of the 2nd floor to create a large 2-story conference space that connects to the adjacent 226 building. Structural columns are also being removed on the seventh floor to create a large meeting space.
Project Details
This 8-story building had residential apartments on floors 1-4 and office space on 5-8. The scope of the project is to convert the apartment floors to office use and to connect these flooes to the adjacent 214 Massachusetts Ave. office building. The two historic facades will be repaired and modified to include larger windows.