5 Thomas Circle, NW
Washington DC
National City Christian Church
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Taking neo-classical to new heights. Building on historic work by John Russel Pope, we'll add a floor and a half of newly renovated commercial space on top of this historic church.
Project Details
The National City Christian Church, built in 1930 and designed by John Russel Pope, has gone through several changes over time with the 1954 west wing addition and then the 1985 north wing addition. So it’s only fitting that in 2018 another addition will be included in this history of change. The west wing will be repurposed for office use and a full fourth story and partial fifth floor will be added on top of the existing wing. The new fourth floor uses the same limestone as the existing façade providing a similar solidity of a neo-classical attic story but with a reinterpreted solid/void window/wall relationship. The smooth taut metal and glass façade of the new fifth floor is in keeping with the existing façade’s smooth stone surface that has little articulation. Pedestrian access to a new entrance of the office wing is enhanced by reconfigured steps and ramps built into the lush landscape.
Project Details