2055 L Street
Washington, DC
Monument Realty
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New possibilities. By transforming this property, which included adding a new floor while the building was in operation, we helped our client turn this underperforming property into a sought after commercial location.
Project Details
Constructed in 1964 by the C & P Telephone Co. this 7 story, stone clad building was designed as a mixed use building to house telephone switchgear, cables, and equipment on the lower floors with offices above. The existing building was renovated and an 8th story was added thereby increasing the total building area to 258,000 SF. The change of façade material created a visual interest between the existing and the new. A terrace was carved out of the addition and a metal pergola with supports that extend over the existing façade was employed as a way to lead one’s eye up to the light and elegant addition. The pedestrian experience was enhanced by removing dark brown stone panels used to hide switchgear rooms behind and replacing them with a storefront of frosted patterned glass and decorative metal. The construction proceeded in phases. During each phase, including the addition of the 8th floor, the building was occupied and the telecommunication equipment remained active.
Project Details